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Our trip to Croatia, and the entire peninsula, was fantastic, more so than we anticipated, thanks to your special knowledge and attention.  We can’t speak highly enough of Jauntee Travel Group.  And your driver deserves an additional thanks for careful driving.
- Bob & Mary Herman, Beverly Hills

How to find a perfect cruise in Croatia on a small ship?


How to find a perfect cruise in Croatia on a small ship?

It is not a secret that small ship cruising is one of the best ways to travel along the Adriatic coast and explore many of its captivating islands.  Cruising on the small ship is all about exploring the destination and less about ship itself and life on board.  That’s why you love the small ships!  They are not your floating hotels, they do not offer luxury, but they offer comfortable cabin with private bathroom and a shower, plenty of room on sun deck to mingle with the rest of only 40 traveling companions, and most of all they offer an authentic experience.  Our cruises on the small ships provide comfort, friendly ambiance, safety and convenience.  And if you are a small ship cruiser, we are confident that you will find a perfect cruise to spend your  vacation on the Croatian coast.

With so many small ships being offered in Croatia, it is not an easy task to chose the right one.  If you are purchasing your cruise online without a thorough research or a capable help of a Croatia cruise expert you could easily end up with a tiny cabin on the lower deck of an old party boat trying to find that little port hole.

We suggest that you start your cruise search with a travel company that specializes in Croatia and that you speak with a savvy travel professional about your Croatia & Adriatic coast small ship cruise interests and requirements.  Our Croatia Cruise Experts at Jauntee have personally selected only the best small ships offered on the Dalmatian coast and the rest of Croatia that are either brand new or only a few years old.  We have also inspected and cruised on these ships check the complete Croatia cruise offer every year right there on the spot.  All of the ships in our offer have on average 20 cabins and are limited to approximately 40 passengers. These ships are modern built, with comfortable cabins and en suite bathroom and a shower, and offer fresh local food and excellent service.  It is also important that you check what is included in each offered cruise so you know that you are indeed getting the best price for the cruise that you selected.  If you are looking to explore Croatia and its islands and towns, it is important that you have interesting shore excursion included.  Also, please check how many meals are included as you can have your cruise based on either full board with all 3 meals or half board with breakfast and lunch. And having a round trip transfers from airport to the port included in price should be checked, as well.


How do you decide if it’s better to have full board or half board?  Well, we suggest half board; breakfast and lunch.  These ships dock in port and everything is within the walking distance to you.  They also spend overnights in port and start cruising sometimes early in the morning to the next port.  So, there is really no need to rush back on the boat.  Use your afternoons and evening to walk around and experience the local life in each town and island.  Visit the markets, shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants and enjoy the entertainment.  You can get any kind of dinner you want and for as much as you like to spend.  This is the advantage of small ship cruises not to spend your time on board but to rather experience the destination.

Jauntee offers small ship cruises that start and end in Dubrovnik such as: Adriatic Bliss, Adriatic Explorer and Dalmatian Experience

We have small ship cruises that start and end in Split such as: Dalmatian Inspiration, Adriatic Magic, Dalmatian Discovery, Dalmatian Song and Adriatic Breeze

We also offer one way cruises from Dubrovnik to Split: Dalmatian Dream, Dalmatian Spirit

And one way cruises from Split to Dubrovnik:  Dalmatian Dream, Dalmatian Spirit

As well as one way cruises from Zadar to Dubrovnik: Unique Dalmatia

Dubrovnik to Zadar: Unique Dalmatia

Contact one our Croatia and Adriatic Coast Cruise Experts at Jauntee  at 1-888-371-6826 or send us an e-mail to to book your cruise today!  We will find the best small ship cruise in Croatia for you and will offer you the most competitive rate.  We often have special offers listed under Croatia Small ship Cruises.