Protecting Your Health While Traveling With Jauntee

For over 16 years, Jauntee has provided security and comfort for our guests while traveling with us to Croatia, Slovenia & the entire Adriatic Coast region. And we will continue to protect your wellbeing even more so with our enhanced health and safety protocols. Jauntee is committed that you stay safe in Croatia.

Our team in branch offices in Croatia work hard with our partners to keep you safe

Jauntee’s experienced staff on the ground in Croatia, Slovenia and the entire Adriatic coast along with the rest of our suppliers, hotels, boats, restaurants have been taking all necessary measures and precautions to keep everything safe and ready for you to come. These partners know our high expectations in the quality of services we provide to our clients through all these years and have been fully vetted by our staff to make sure they comply with all local regulations regarding health and hygiene.

We’re following the best practices for cleanliness and disinfection

We follow the guidelines accepted by the leading health experts including the World Health Organization to minimize any opportunity for coronavirus exposure during your travel. The hand sanitizers will be readily available as well as enhanced cleaning in hotels and restaurants. We will sanitize vehicles at every arrival and departure with a focus on high-frequency touchpoints such as door handles. And will provide individual service at all meals.

Jauntee is committed to physical distancing

Jauntee’s private and tailor-made vacations and small-group tours due to their very small group size and nature of travel already provide required physical distancing: Your transfers are private, and on the Jauntee small group tours the size of the group is only up to 12 and we keep the size of the vehicles half full. The drivers and guides will not greet you by handshake and you’ll experience no-contact check-in/check-outs in many hotels and dining arranged to allow for plenty of space from other guests.

Jauntee small groups of only 6 max. make safety while traveling so much easier

Jauntee’s small groups which are usually up to 12 guests maximum (which was the smaller group size among all travel companies before Covid-19) are now only a group of 6! That alone makes it so much easier to maintain cleaning and hygiene procedures and ensure the adequate physical distance between guests. No other travel company has this size of the group nor can ensure this type of safety on their small group tours.

Our Tailor-made vacations are the best way to travel safely to Croatia and the Adriatic Coast

Traveling on any of Jauntee’s tailor-made vacations including romantic vacations, private and family vacations to Croatia and the Adriatic coast is the best fit to travel during Covid19.  You decide on your group size and you travel only with your family and friends you know.  Travel worry-free with Jauntee is what we are all about.

Wearing masks on your trips keeps everyone safe

To protect all guests on Jauntee small group tours and small ship cruises wearing a mask is required in vehicles, indoor spaces, and any outdoor spaces where physical distancing is not possible. On Tailor-Made vacations (private tours, family vacations, and honeymoons) masks must be worn in accordance with local regulations. We encourage you to bring your own masks. (A supply will be on hand where needed).

Our Local Tour Directors, local guides & drivers are trained in health and safety

In addition to being experts in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro & the Adriatic coast culture, histore, your guides are fully versed in your destination’s health regulations as well as Jauntee’s practices and protocols. They oversee the main aspects of safety procedures regarding your safe travel, from confirming a restaurant is spotlessly cleaned before you arrive to ensuring your luggage is always handled carefully and disinfected properly each time.

All guides and staff follow required health and safety procedures

Everyone involved in your journey, from the guides you travel with to the drivers, baggage handlers, and others behind the scenes, observes a strict, round-the-clock health and safety regimen, including regular staff health and temperature monitoring. Jauntee staff wears masks at all times and additional personal protective equipment as required.

We facilitate in-country COVID-19 testing and provide round-the-clock support

Jauntee’s staff in branch offices in Croatia have the contacts and knowledge to support you throughout your vacation, from coordinating COVID-19 testing returning home to answering any questions you have during your journey. We’re experienced in handling emergencies and providing our guests with 24/7 support in case of any health issue.

All protocols apply to travel through and are subject to change in accordance with relevant guidelines, location regulations and conditions. Updated March 2, 2021.

Jauntee meets the travel industry’s latest global health and safety protocols

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